About Us


Since 1992, Act Two-Um has assembled an exceptional team of digital artists, image technicians and retouchers under the guidance of our founding partners. Each has cut their teeth and honed their specific skills in a variety of challenging environments, whether with top photographers or the foremost advertising minds.

The result is bags of drive, motivation and creativity to go with an unerring precision and attention to detail, the secrets behind our enviable reputation. Act Two-Um are also specialists in photo-realistic computer generated imagery, as our team has been seamlessly blending traditional photography and 3D rendered elements for many years, with an eye for aesthetics garnered in disciplines as diverse as model making, product design and illustration.

It is this ability to cross easily between photographic retouching and image creation that enables us to offer a truly comprehensive service, on both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, our talent and your project deserve every chance to flourish. So we equip all our suites with the latest technology and high-end software to produce results of the very highest calibre.    



Act Two-Um’s 2D digital artists are immensely talented at transforming original photography into striking, inventive images that stop people in their tracks. 

As a photographer or art director, our ability could help the development of a signature, stylised look or particular colour treatment to your work.

Whatever your retouching needs, our skill lies in striking a balance between the overall composition and the most miniscule detail of its various elements while the most up-to-date software packages allow our retouchers the licence to roam within the parameters of the brief to develop images of quality, dynamism and realism.



To generate CGi images, The ability to think in three dimensions is essential. This comes as second nature to our exceptionally skilled artists, thanks to their vast experience in disciplines as varied as illustration, model making, product design and photography. 

This diversity of backgrounds also enables us to consider issues such as space, light and depth from a number of different perspectives, yet always with an emphasis on aesthetics. 

Armed with these qualities, as well as the latest CGi software, we produce consistently outstanding photo realistic images that not only fulfil our clients’ expectations but invariably exceed them.



While we work our retouching and image creation magic on still images, our 3D expertise enables us to simultaneously transfer visual effects and computer generated graphics onto moving images too. 

Having the capability to transfer our CGi assets specifically for animated purposes, we produce original television content and high-end animation for broadcast and marketing purposes, so offering the assurance that both still and moving images are created from the same origination. 

That way any advertising campaign retains its all-important consistency, as it translates seamlessly across the printed and moving image media’s.