Kuala Lumpur Office Opening

In January 2015 Act Two opened its third office, this time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is a very exciting time for all of us but our dedicated KL team consists of 4 main people whose skills will be able to push us to the next level in the Asian market.

Andy How is responsible for selling Act Two to the KL market having had previous experience in working across Malaysia on a variety of Blue Chip brands. He is also an accomplished retoucher and he has been known to get his hands dirty with the creation of CGI models.

Ben Parry is one of our top London based artists who is spending 3 months in the new office ensuring this workplace reflects both the London and New York offices in its methodology and attention to detail.

Roy Kang is a budding CGI artist and retoucher who has been with Team since the office opening. Roy is quickly becoming an integral part of the workflow in Malaysia working closely alongside Ben.

And Yvette Shum who is based in Singapore, is selling Act Two to the Singapore Market, allowing us to expand our cover from Malaysia in to Singapore also.

With the addition of the brand new Kuala Lumpur office and these central individuals to accompany it, Act Two is now present in Europe, North America and Asia. This enables us to service the needs of our clients on a truly global scale.