M&S Food Campaign

Throughout March & April Act Two completed the retouching for the entire M&S Food Campaign covering the events of Valentines Day, Mothers Day & Easter. This campaign subsequently ran in most major press publications providing great exposure for the work we do.

The finish of the campaign was close crops of mouth watering food, accompanied by Meal Deal promotions including flowers & alcohol. The food needed to look the most premium it could and in line with their very successful and aesthetically tantalising TV ads. Although now having dropped the famous 'It's not just food, it's M&S food', the output for this work is still highly regarded and recognised, so the finish needed to be of the highest quality.

You can see the before and afters on our portfolio and they highlight the meticulous detail in the food retouching in particular. Although on first glance only small transformations have been made, the effect is profound. Having to recreate entire segments of chocolate brownie & roasted lamb proved to be rewarding after the clients feedback.

It's not just retouching, it Act Two-Um retouching..